Problem with Select All sample on Vari-speed player. Firmware 0.6.14

I am having some problem using the “select all” setting on the Vari-speed player using the .6.14 firmware.

it seems to have changed since the 0.5 firmware? or maybe im just doing something wrong?

Here is the steps I do:

  1. Select from Card
    2.Go to folder with samples in it
  2. select Enable Multi
    4.Select the samples to be loaded
  3. it says “Press SHIIFT+ENTER to finish” so I press that takes me to another screen with the selected samples

From there I don’t know what to do. I see something that says “grab” M6
but when I press it nothing happens.

If someone can help me out that would be great.

Actually I figured it out! in the next step I pressed “shift + enter” and it loaded the selected samples!

This confused me also when I first saw it on v0.6 and “shift + entered” a second time by accident to get it to work.
Not sure what that last extra screen is for or what grab does.

The extra screen is a staging zone for:

  • Adding more files from different folders (via Add More, S3)
  • Rearranging the order of the selected files (via grab, M6, mostly relevant for sample chains)

During multi-selection, ENTER has been commandeered for select/deselect, thus SHIFT+ENTER is for committing the selection.