Problem with the malekko voltage block together with the er301


first, for your enjoment, i think the voltage blocks theoretical pairs very good with the er301… hear them together here:

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ok, but to the question:
the er301 gets some zipper noise from the voltage block when the leds from the faders are blinking…

i just got my malekko voltage block, and when i control a vca (which has a sine on the input) with a fader in the VB and if i move the faders i get a zipper noise to the audio. this seems to be related to the led in the faders. as when i play a sequence (like above) theres no noise.
this makes the voltage block useless as a fader box for the er301…
anyone else experienced this so far with this combination?

hear the zipper noise here. first i use a unify, which don´t has any noise, and than two faders of the VB. the most obvious zipper noise coming at 30 sec. best is if you listen to decent speakers or headphones…:

i guess this is more related to the VB or to my power solution, so i marked this as off topic…
but it might be a good warning to the other er301 users…

I was able to recreate this with my own combo…and I have a solution.

If you look at the scope on the incoming cv from the Voltage Block, you’ll see the waveform is not smooth, even when unquantized.

If you put the 301 envelope follower unit after the voltage block incoming signal, that will smooth out the waveform. No zippering and you can use the Voltage Block as a fader controller of sorts :slight_smile:


holy moly. thanks a lot! will try this later!

may i ask you what powersolution you have?

I run into this with my LS-1 lightstrips as well. I don’t think it’s a power issue, just by design. @rbeny has the perfect solution. Works like a charm.

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