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Pseudo time stretch FX (?)

Has anyone figured out how to pull off a pseudo time stretching effect? It’d be awesome to punch into a warpy / stuttering time stretch without pitching the audio up or down.


You can record audio into a looper, share the buffer with a grain stretch unit and then adjust the speed control to maintain the same original pitch while shortening or lengthening. Adjust the grain duration to taste.


Neil baby. . . Please do a vid!!


So if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess a video is worth a thousand pictures.

But then how many videos does it take to replace firsthand experience? :smiling_imp:




It’d be absolutely killer if someone fixed up an app in 6 to handle this task!!

have you tried the grain stretch/clocked stretch units? I’ve been experimenting with them a lot recently and they can produce some awesome effects.

At this point paulstretch could surely be a candidate? Question not a statement

I would be surprised if paulstretch could be implemented, also since it takes time to render the result the experience of using it would be very similar to using it on the computer.

my Malefica custom unit was meant to do that (granular timestretching) without using granular units.
it has a bug i have not resolved yet, and it must be totally reworked to be more user friendly (maybe it will be my first 0.6 package when i have time to do it).
anyway you can check it to see how the concept works and perhaps develop your own.
the core idea is to have ramp oscillators advancing a sample player thats looping a small portion of a wave file. the lower the ramp frequency the slower the tempo (without affecting pitch):