Puck and Puck plus, or Two Other Weird Custom Units

edit: PLEASE REDOWNLOAD, PUCK IS BUGFIXED! also check the other posts for a new version (Puck plus)

hello dear 301ers! it’s been a while since my last contribution.
i wanted to replicate a weird max patch i did last week, sort of chaotic modulator with very weird shapes but i ended up with something else.

Puck is a custom source unit that can be used for both sound generation and modulation. It is based on two sine oscillators modulating each other’s phase. Two low pass filters (which share the same controls) are used to smooth out the modulation of the phases but believe me, they end up doing much more :slight_smile:



  • ph1 amount of phase modulation for oscillator 1
  • ph2 amount of phase modulation for oscillator 2
  • tune1 v/oct control of oscillator 1
  • tune2 v/oct control of oscillator 2
  • cutoff cutoff frequency of the two low pass filters
  • Q resonance of the two low pass filters

cpu around 9%
requires nothing
tips with ph1 and ph2 greater than zero try experimenting with different tune1 and tune2 values (even sequencing them) and then slowly close the filter to find sweet spots then very subtly increase Q (use FINE mode or super fine mode holding shift when increasing Q), you’ll immediately discover a lot of very realistic brassy sounds! listen to the demo to get what i mean. then you can tune puck via both cutoff or Q or even sequence them.
or put it in a global chain and use it as very weird lfo :slight_smile:
puck.unit (18.8 KB)

if you want to support my work you can make a small donation via paypal to my address hyena666@gmail.com

the demo is just puck and some big sky reverb:


Wow. That goes from pretty realistic brass to some pretty spastic nonsense very quickly! :slightly_smiling_face: Nice work!

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heehe exactly! total free jazz for robots territory! some of the articulations it spits out are pretty amazing! of course a tad of reverb helps smoothing it out furtherly. the one in the demo is a bit too much, i think a good plate emulation will work wonders! gonna try now :slight_smile:

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Really nice! It can create amazing organic sounds!!

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1)bugfix: there was an unconnected custom control (tune2), i corrected it. new unit is here and in the original post (edited)
puck.unit (18.8 KB)
2)new version, Puck + , this is formatted as a proper instrument, with internal vca and adsr under custom control and a few parameters have been renamed.

Puck plus
Puck plus is a weird instrument capable of producing very interesting and realistic brass articulations based on two sine oscillators modulating each other’s phase with lowpass filters in between. v\oct control is not always optimal but with some patience it can be tuned pretty good.


  • gate gate input triggering the adsr controlling the internal VCA
  • pitch this tunes the instrument (1v/oct input). its not perfect so you have to fiddle a bit with the pitch’s offset and the Q parameter to get proper tuning. (note: this is not the oscillator’s pitch but the lowpass filter’s cutoff tracking 1v/oct)
  • ph1 and ph2 phase modulation indices (amount of phase modulation) for oscillators 1 and 2
  • move1 and move2 pitch of the two oscillators. instead of tuning the instrument those two give movement to the sound, think of them and their interaction as a complex vibrato. greater values, faster vibrato.
  • Q resonance of the lowpass filters. given the chaotic nature of the instrument the resonance sorts of “clean up” the patch, so low values = more broken sound, high value = cleaner sound. keep in mind that Q also affects the overall tuning and must be used to tune the instrument to your needed pitch
  • ADSR usual attack,decay,sustain and release controls of internal VCA.

requires nothing
cpu about 12%
puck plus.unit (27.4 KB)


I love this unit! I think this get the closest to “clarinet” territory out of any electronic instrument I’ve heard before. Great work!

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thanks!! a little bit of luck is partially responsible :smiley: