Quantize external signals?

stupid question probably, but i’m away from my system for a few days so can’t just… you know… TRY.

can i send unquantized CV into the ER-301 then quantized out to other modules? or only use the quantized results internally?


I guess it depends what you mean by quantized here. The ER-301’s outputs are all AC coupled, and therefore optimized for audio rate signals.

If you send a CV rate signal out (< ~20 Hz) it is likely to be distorted. Also DC offsets tend to be removed by the outputs for this reason.

If I understand your intention correctly, the answer is no - internal use only.

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gotcha. makes sense, and durp. i remember reading that before.

lol. good thing that SO GOOD LOOKING 1u uo_C is dropping soon.


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