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Quantize Group modifications




I find myself using the group mod as follow:
Pressure points Gate Out > Mod gate in > Group 1 > changing the track duration by Gu 02
to multiply the sequence speed by two.

The main issue for me with this setup is that there is no Gate quantization.
I cannot press or release my fingers on the perfect timing so the module will continue with the clock.

There is an option to quantize the gate in and out to take action only on clock signal when i press the pressure points?


all you need is some small logic module (AND gate) between your PP and ER-102.


can you please clarify for me what is a logic module and any recommendation for one?


Ok i did saw what is Logic module, how the logic module serves me between the PP to the 102?
how can i quantize my pressure to the bpm?


You need to feed AND logic with PP gate out and clock (divided clock will be more useful in this case - this will be your “quantization grid” - remember that you can use one of your unused ER-101 tracks as a “clock divider”).

AND logic out > ER-102 mod gate in.

Logic module will send trigger to ER-102 only when both CLOCK + PP GATE will be active.

There is also one downside of this solution - you need to press (and hold) PP before clock hits the AND gate. If you miss this moment then only one input will be “active” and logic module will simply ignore it.


That’s a very good idea!
I will try that tomorrow.
Thank you.


Hi Daniel,

I just purchased a Logic module and it didn’t do the trick…

Pressure points gate out > AND gate in + Clock out to AND Gate in 2 to > AND out to 102 gate input.
nothing happens. its not working as I thought. did I miss something?
tried with two different modules.


did you divided your clock before going into AND? AND gate shoud receive 1 click per whole bar.


that didn’t do the trick since the clock is only a short pulse and not a full length note.
so the result is getting the influence i wish for for only one moment when the clock pulse is on.