Quantizer minor pentatonic bug?

I played some with the quantizer today and it seems the build-in minor pentatonic scale is a bit off. Seems like it’s doing 0, 400, 500, 700, 1000, instead of 0, 300, 500, 700, 1000. Can anyone confirm this?

Oddly enough, when I made my own correct minor pentatonic and switched back and forth between them, the graphic representation of the third on the wheel, seemed to be in the same spot.

Could I be doing something wrong?
Sorry if this is the wrong place to mention this…

This is on 0.4.11…

Ah, yes you are right. It will be fixed in the next release.

Thank you!


Oh I thought I was going mad


Brian, do you think it is a bug localized in this scale or affecting the whole scale quantizer? because i remember some months ago having some doubts about how it was quantizing on a custom scala file i made, but then forgot about it until now…

AFAIK Just a mistake in entering numbers in the list and thus limited to this scale.

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Maybe you could verify my observation: the graphics (placement of handles on the wheel) of the “buggy” build-in minor pentatonic and my correct minor pentatonic were identical (although the third was treated different). I might be mistaken, but it might also hint at something different going on…

I suspect the display for custom scales might be a little odd.

Whole Tone, 12-TET and 24-TET built-in scales look like each slice of the “pie” is even, but this is what my custom 8-EDO scale looks like:


I confirmed that the frequencies I’m getting out of the scale are as expected (if the root is 100Hz, the 4th step is 150Hz) and this is just a graphical issue.

My scala file is this:

! 8_EDO.scl
8-EDO scale

What is wrong with it?

I’m dividing the octave into 8 equal parts, so I’d expect 8 equal-sized pie pieces – just like when the 12-TET scale divides the pie into 12 equal-sized pieces.

You have not divided the octave into 8 equal parts.

The ratio of 9/8 to 10/8 is not the same as the ratio of 15/8 to 16/8.

Keep in mind that the circle is essentially graphed in cents not frequency.

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Oh right. My math and my logic were bad, sorry :frowning:

When I specify in cents it makes sense (and rhymes)

Don’t feel bad. People have been trying to make equal-tempered scales with low numbered ratios for thousands of years and no one has succeeded. :wink: