Quantizer unit

I began my self guided tour of the 301 last night. Ace!

Can someone elaborate a bit on the quantizer unit? It did not seem to have the controls that I expected that it might have. I fed it some random CV from an external S&H and couldn’t say with surety what it was doing to the output.

Try feeding it a sine wave. It simply converts a smooth input into a stepped output.

pre - gain applied before the quantization
levels - number of discrete steps between 0 and 1.
post - gain applied after the quantization

Here is the formula:

output = post * levels * FLOOR(pre * input / levels)

This unit has no knowledge of 1V/oct or scales. It’s existence is proof that I am out of touch with the way other people think. :scream_cat:


That gave me a good laugh. I resemble that remark, at times. :slight_smile: Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense now.

Yes, I suppose I was expecting to see some sort of scale selection here. That might be a nice feature at some point, if it fits with the theme of the ER-301. Or this can certainly be done externally.

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Will there be possibility to quantize to scale in the future? It would be real good for playing around with white noise+s&h+one-shot sample! I know there is some workarounds but it could be more intuitive and user friendly way to play around! The most best thing i can imagine is note selection tool for quantizing to user scale. Love this module by the way it can do lots of good stuff and saves space from the rack since it acts in many ways with bit of creativity!

Just adding to this: I would also love to see ability to quantize to scales!
Seems like that would be a very natural fit for the ER-301 topology.

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This is already coming… see the Quantizer page for the hint:

This is not a pitch quantizer because this unit has no knowledge of 1V/oct or scales. A separate (and much more complicated) upcoming unit will take care of these tasks.


ohh yas saim for my i try out too scailt olso me s&h but if i go in cv from the osv is not wealy scailt. is mor sweapi …i think cos the cv gos after a valiu back to 0 …? im hope im korekt with this if not pelac tell me more =)

maby sumone kann tell my how kann i use the qwantiser in a good way

I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding what you’re asking.

There is now (as of version 0.3.25 stable) a Scale Quantizer unit that will actually quantize to scales (major, minor, pentatonic, etc.). In the current unstable (v. 0.4+) it has been expanded to also read Scala files, so you can specify any scale by loading an external file.

Neither quantizer (Scale Quantizer or Grid Quantizer) has a hold function built in. You’d need to add a Sample and Hold unit after the quantizer, and trigger the S&H accordingly if you want the notes to “stick” when you are sending in some kind of continuous voltage.

Hope that helps and gets at what you were asking.

yas thx …i dont have the (4) cos ther stay is unstabel . but i donk know woth this mean s exaktly …i think is working but with sum bug ride ?! …my plan wos send s&h in to the scale Qwantizer to bring out sum normel scalet musik.like yas (dur,minor…) like in the uscale from intellijel. i will try the new firmware maby it works better …and sorry i have milion s of qwestion s but me englisch is not so nice but thx i will try

Yes, 0.4.x is cutting edge and can be prone to bugs. They’re usually fixed pretty quickly after they’re identified but it isn’t recommended for production projects or live gigs. It is pretty easy to go back and forth between 0.3.25 stable and the latest 0.4 version if you want to have a look around though.

If you’re looking for functionality like the uScale, then the Scale Quantizer is what you want. It should be there in the 0.3.25 firmware.

i tryt it but is not working …send s&h too input a1 and send it too the scale qwantizer from ther out in the cv from my osc …but is not working sound s not cool …maby i do sumthing rong

I just wanted to confirm that your osc is a unit within the ER-301, like the Sine Oscillator or a Variable Speed Player. The ER-301’s outputs are AC coupled, so you can’t send DC or low frequency signals (like a V/Oct signal) out of them. They are meant for audio rate signals only.

In other words if you’re tying to use the Scale Quantizer to quantize pitch CV for some other module it’s not going to work. It’s for internal use only.

hmm ok =/ …manny thx for your help. next time maby i ask her befor i spent 20 h for this ideer =(…maby is a cool idder for a expander modul =). i try too go deapper in the er301 but is so hard =) but it make so manny fun too play with

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Sure, always feel free to ask. That’s what this forum is here for! So we can learn from each other.

Agree, the ER-301 is very deep. For me, it’s very rewarding to spend the time learning about it.

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By the way, maybe you could record a sample of your other module into the ER-301 and use that sample inside of the Variable Speed Player or Graiin Stretch player. Then you could use the Scale Quantizer unit. Just a thought.

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ah jehh i will try good ideer i will try it now …manny thx for your help.