Quantizing an External Offset to Specific Values

This is a walk through of how to use a Sample Scanner unit to quantize an incoming offset to specific values. Using this method, you can control a parameter within the ER-301, and have it “lock on” to specific values of your choosing. We go over how to set up the Sample Scanner, as well as how to use builtin tools in the ER-301 to create the transfer function sample (wave file).

This is a little more duct taped together than most of my videos. I blame the head cold. :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ll still be able to follow.

What we build here specially is the sample player speed control quantization that @cosmicsoundexplorer was asking for in the other thread.


Magister @Joe this was highly instructive, thanks a lot for taking the time for this!!! i really like how simple, rational and streamlined your way of thinking and problem solving is!

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Joe! This is unreal. Going to watch it now. Thanks so much!!!

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Just letting you know the tutorial was awesome and works a treat! Loving the results.
One question, I renamed the sample scanner once I set it to your values and saved it as a preset with the sample. What I’m finding is the speed map sample dosen’t seem to save with the preset.
Is this normal?
Am I able to save the sample with the unit so I can just load it when needed?


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Glad you enjoyed it and added some new tricks to your ER-301 bag!

No, that doesn’t sound normal. I just tried it, and loading the Sample Scanner preset recalled the sample along with the preset for me. This was on 0.4.03 firmware.

I just tried after a reboot and loading the Sample Scanner preset still recalled the sample.

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Ok cool, didn’t think it was normal. I’m pretty sure I’m on the latest of the version 3 firmware, holding off version 4 till after my gigs in a few weeks.
I did notice the preset was saving in the sample scanner preset folder, that should be correct?
I’ll try and save a preset again tonight and see how it goes.
Also I noticed that your units where displaying the correct values when they were controlled by the sample scanner. Mine seem to only display the value the parameter is set to not controlled by. Is that a v.4 thing or settings?

It really doesn’t matter where it’s saved, it should work regardless, but that’s the right default folder.

There is a system preference to have the unit parameters display actuals. Turn it on and units inserted afterwards should behave like that!

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I did see that in the preferences but it didn’t take effect. I guess its because I already had all my units loaded. I’ll try with new units. Thanks!!!

Yeah, that confused me at first too. It won’t affect units that are already loaded. I pretty much just leave it set to actual all the time. :slight_smile:

Stoked to check this out in the AM. I’ve been using the grid quantizer for CV quantization (on v/oct, playback speed, etc), but it’s not totally clear to me how the math plays out to get the results I’m looking for in a timely fashion.

Thanks in advance, @Joe!

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I mentioned it in the video about the Timed Gate bespoke unit, but should probably call it out here as well. There is a step in this video where we create a gate of a very specific duration by using a Dub Looper, Offset, and Raw Player. I think the Timed Gate bespoke unit would make easier and more precise work of this, though I haven’t actually tried it for this use case.

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Just thought I’d mention that I tried to load the timed gate but I get an error and it wont load.

Thanks for mentioning it! Definitely don’t want broken units in my library! :slight_smile:

Just to confirm - you are running firmware somewhere between 0.3 stable and 0.4.03, right? The bespoke units have not yet been ported to work on 0.4.04.

Im sticking to the latest v.3 for a few more weeks. Not sure why i got an error, its in the same folder as all of your other amazing units!

Would you do me a favor? There should be an error.log file in that folder on your SD card. Can you post it?

Yeah no problems, I’ll have to do it afterwork, its 8:40am in Australia right now and I just got to work. would you like me to DM you or post it here or in your shared units thread?

Great. Private message is fine. Thanks!

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Actually, no need to send me a file. I am able to reproduce the unit not loading and view the error.log. That said, I am a little perplexed by it. May have to ask for some help here.

Edit: OK, thanks to some help from Brian, we found this unit contains a feedback loop. It is on purpose and is part of the mechanism that prevents it from being retriggered while the gate is high. Since this feature was enabled in firmware 0.4.02, the Timed Gate won’t be compatible with 0.3 versions.

However, you could load up 0.4 and it use it to build your transfer function - then go back to 0.3, @cosmicsoundexplorer.

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Oh great! Glad you got it dotted. I already built the transfer functions just like your tutorial. Was going to use the timed gate for other purposes, guess I’ll have to wait till I install v.4