Question about duty taxes in US

Hi, hope this question is on topic enough for this forum. I just figured many of you have bought OD products direct from the website to the US.

I’m looking at buying the ER 101 and the ER 102, and I’ve never imported anything before. How/where do I pay duty taxes? Will my package be held at the post office and then I go in and they give me a bill? Anything else I should know about buying these modules from the source? I read the FAQ, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.


I’ve ordered the 101, 102, & 301 directly for OD. Post office delivered them without having to pay any duty taxes. Only time I had to pay import fee was with a Cwejman module from Sweden via UPS.

Same here - there was no duty tax charged in the US on my ER-301.

Same here on no duty in the US.

great, thanks for the info

no tax here as well (i was in NYC at the time)

Wow, really? I wonder why that is. I paid like 250EUR on top of the price of the module here in Belgium (ER301)

Must be some kind of trade agreement in place between the two countries is my guess. I do feel for those who live in the EU - seems like you all get taxed pretty heavily on even domestic purchases.

The US doesn’t have a value-added tax. And any imports for personal use under $2500 pass through customs as “informal entries”, which are essentially untaxed. There are exceptions (including obvious recent developments…) but safe to say a personal buyer in the US shouldn’t expect to pay duties very often.

However, many localities within the US (typically at the state level) have a sales tax. You are theoretically responsible for reporting your online purchases so that your locality can benefit from the sale… :man_shrugging: