Question about looper/recorders and sample players with shared buffers

I had originally noticed this when I was trying to clone and polyphonify an external oscillator. I noticed it again yesterday when I was messing with the sequential switch I had built. I was trying to come up with a way to have the switch selection be manual, rather than a continuously looping sequence.

I’m not really sure if I am seeing a bug or maybe what I’m expecting to happen isn’t supposed to happen. Would love some insight! :slight_smile:

Edit: While I’m on the subject, one more question. Is there a reason that the zoom in the sample player/recorder, when zoomed out fully, always seems to be just slightly shorter than the buffer length? In this case when I was using the pulse wave, it’s period and the sample buffer length were both 500ms. Both the sample player and recorder seem to have max zoom out in this case of 490ms, which causes the 25% PW pulse to jump back and forth instead of staying put in the scope display.

V0.2.9 48K
Confirmed… visually it’s not updating the waveform, but the audio buffer is changing/updating properly with new looper content.

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@NeilParfitt and @Joe was this ever fixed?

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Big +1 on this

I believe it now zooms out to the full buffer length. When sharing a buffer with a looper though, the sampler waveform does not always update visually. I think this is listed on the wiki under known issues. A workaround is to zoom in and back out. That seems to update it.