Question about recording and grain stretch playback

It’s pretty easy to record – via a timed delay – once to a 5sec buffer and then use grain stretch to stretch those 5secs at will. However, even with fade set to zero on the overdub unit, I get 1/4 seconds of silence when the buffer ends. What’s going on?

I am trying to, on a1 in, record 5secs of audio then play it back looped with some stretch value set by a2.

Here is the unit… assuming it works for you: why the pause before the grain stretch loops again??

basic stretch rec.unit (12.1 KB)

Punch in/out has a fade on the looper units which is needed to prevent clicking. When you punch out don’t stop the input but rather keep playing for a little.

The issue does not seem to be with the dub looper. Here is a pic of the wav file I saved, which the stretch grain unit was using


There’s a definite pause as the stretch grain unit resets, both audible and visual. And the length of the pause changes as I do “duration” in the grain stretch unit

Did you check the beginning? Due to buffer wrapping the ending silence will be in the beginning if you punched out after 5s on a 5s buffer.

Same I’m afraid


Hmm I’m not sure then. I will have to get back to you once I have had a chance to try out your preset.

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Sorry, I forgot to come back to this!

So that silence when the Grain Stretch play head reaches the end is due to there not being enough remaining audio (i.e. from play head to end of the buffer) to generate a grain. There must be (Grain Duration)*(Grain Speed) seconds remaining of audio before the end otherwise no grain is produced at that point.