Question about signal flow / saving a global chain

Am I right that if I need to use the output of a specific unit [specifically a white noise sample and hold] as the input of another AND ALSO to modulate that same unit, then it has to be used as a global chain or as an entire local chain. So, is it possible to save something as a global chain, or is that only possible in a quicksave?

Actually you could tap it’s output from multiple points within a channel chain using the ‘locals’ functionality. For example put it in front of the unit you’re feeding, then tap it again, feeding it forward or backward somewhere using locals.

You can also save a global chain outside of a Quicksave.

ok cool – i don’t know what locals is, let me see… great :smile: :upside_down_face:

Saving a sample and hold chain as a preset is handy. As a mod source, to have the noise, s&h and a rectifier ready to go as a preset makes light work of patch building.

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