Question about the 301 screen colors

Hi Brian and everyone,

Happy to be here creating my initial post! I am ready to order a 301 and so excited about it! However, I need some advice on screen color!

I saw a lot of pictures of rigs and videos, I discovered that the screen has two distinguishable colors: one is orange, and the other is neon-green (or yellow? Like the monome Teletype’s screen). It seems that the orange screen often appears in the Original Flavor and sometimes Nostalgia, while People’s Choice equipped with the neon-green ones mostly.

Are these pairings optional? Or fixed? Or just I missed something? Please help!!

I want a neon-green screen to match the Teletype, so it is a bit confused when I choose the exact flavor.

Thank you all! Any advice will be helpful.:grinning:

Last but not least, to Brian, I want to order the module via domestic buyer procedure, so if you see this, please tell me the method! Thanks!:wink:

All ER-301 use the same display color. The differences that you see in photos are just due to lighting and/or camera settings.

Please send me an email to get the process started.


Thank you Brian! I got your email!

Im pretty sure mine is the colour of the top unit pictured here which is orange. The first unit I had was definitely more yellow like the bottom picture.

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Hi Brian,

Knowing you’ve been busy working and sorry if it interrupts you,
just post to tell you that I finished the transfer on Tuesday and emailed you some confirmation.

Best regards,

Thank you for the info!
I think it is cool to follow Brian’s advice though :wink:

I actually love how the 301 looks (nostalgia plate is dead sexy) … but then there is that whole thing where I loves me some green… @NeilParfitt knows how I compensate. lol. but yeah I’m glad to hear its only lighting cause I would have had to order another! hahaha

Hey guys, after testing on the ER301 that I finally got my hands on, I confirm that every word Brian said is very true. The screen color changes in different light scenes. Thank you Brian.

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