Question polyphonic sampler

Brian I have a question about this unit, Polyphonic Sampler

Will it be possible to load a bunch of samples and select between the playback of them with the buttons on the 301? (I presume this would of cause be possible with gates)

It sounds to me like you are having a UI issue not a polyphony issue? Perhaps access to unit presets is not quick enough?

In short, I do not plan on having a button per sample or anything like that. The main idea behind the polyphonic sampler is to encapsulate in one unit what many of you have been doing with multiple MIXER and PLAYER units to achieve polyphony. Samples and their slices are going to be all mapped to the same addressing space using the same scheme as before.

Example: I’ve loaded two samples into a PLAYER unit. Sample A has 2 slices. Sample B has 8 slices. Here is how the samples and their slices would be mapped to the Slice Select input range:

Slice Select
0 --> A.1
0.1 --> A.2
0.2 --> B.1
0.3 --> B.2
0.4 --> B.3
0.5 --> B.4
0.6 --> B.5
0.7 --> B.6
0.8 --> B.7
0.9 --> B.9


you’re right, Im probably having a UI issue and a neuron one too :wink:

the functionality of this unit sounds amazing Brian, thanks