Question regarding folder structure

Hi, tam wondering why I have two 0.4 folders on my sd card.
I would like to merge them without destroying all my quicksaves is that possible ?
and how did it happen that it happens that there are two of the 0.4 folders.
my file structure look like this:

ER-301/SAMPLES is not a folder created or used by the ER-301 system, so you can probably ignore the v0.4 folder located there. I’m not sure how a v0.4 folder got in there but I’m pretty sure the ER-301 did not do it.

By the way, I generally recommend keeping sample files outside of the ER-301 folder structure.

ok perfect. thx for the super quick response.
it was probably me, and I can’t remember just didn’t want to mess up anything.
now I will tidy up.