Question regarding parts

I think I’m misinterpreting something in the manual - or might just need some sleep and re-read it :wink:

Say I have 3 parts…

Part 1 = Steps 1 to 3
Part2 = Steps 4 to 7
Part3 = Steps 7 to 10
Part4 = Step 11 to14

I want to play Part1 then Part2 then Part 3 THEN I want to play Part2 again - right now when I go to play Part2 it plays through Part4 & Part1 first before going to Part2 and looping it…

What am I not adding correctly?


I think the only thing that you are missing is to set the RESET TO step for each of your parts to the first step in each part. Without a RESET TO step, the play cursor will just continue from where it was when the next part is activated.

Thanks Brian, thats helpful and will work for a pre-determined set of parts, since I’ll know which step in which part I want to the reset to.

But what if I wish to play the parts dynamically - i.e. not the same sequence of parts each time? Is there way?

The RESET TO step is unique to each part!

thanks Brian :pray:

Awesome - I found it very liberating when I worked this out for the first time - it’s super simple really but it did take a little effort to fully comprehend and start using!

Now I love it… nothing else offers this level of flexibility in Eurorack that I know of :slight_smile:

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