Quick question: how to save entire state of ER-301

sorry for the dumb question… i’ve only ever worked with single chains before… but now in preparing for some gigs in japan in a couple weeks i’m utilizing more of the 301 but can’t figure out how to save the entire state of all 4 “banks” or chains in one big file…

i thought i did it, but it only appeared to save a single chain… is it possible to save the entire module, all 4 channels, at once?


Quicksave will do just that. Shift + M1

thanks, that worked fine!

is that the only way? seems “quick save”, at least to me, connotes or implies such a “major” save, where you may have quite a complex module full of connections and units… and it doesn’t even seem that you can NAME your quick saves… i’d be surprised if there wasn’t a nicer, more organized way of saving everything…

but this gets me by for now… thanks!

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Please don’t be surprised by something missing until at least v1.0 :smile_cat:


true true! sorry! the 301 is so rich sometimes i forget it’s still in beta!