Quick sample selection for poly setups?

Hi, I’ve been making a lot of four voice setups for chords using the sample players, every time I want a new sample I have to delve in and change each sample for every sample player.
Is there a way to change the sample and have it change for all sample players?
I’ve thought of making presets of my favourites but when it comes to using new samples I’d love it to be a simple process.
Any ideas?

Hey man, how about you create a sample chain and choose the appropriate slice/sample?

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Will that allow me to load a sample off my sad card and have it load into all sample players in my poly setup?

What @madeinspace means is, make a single file that contains multiple samples in a “chain” (meaning one sound follows another in a single file). Then you can use slice selection to move between slices in your sample chain file. This allows you to think of your sample chain file as a set of “presets” if you will.


Ahh I see, that does work for samples I’ve already tried and like. But putting them into a chain only allows you to use the samples you pre selected.
What about if I recorded some samples or loaded new ones on my card and want to try these out as a poly voice.
Seems like there isn’t an easy option to just load sample to selected sample players.
Could be a great feature request!
For now I stuck loading the same sample four times.

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I think @Joe was also looking for a way to add sample choice to the top level controls of his experimental middle layer programmed unit, for the round-robin four voice poly sampler (Custom Unit Build: 4 Poly Round Robin Sample Player). I lost track of that conversation so I’m not sure what the status is on that.

That’s the exact setup I’m mainly wanting to swap sample on. I’ll check out the thread again and see where they are at. Thanks!

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Yep, that is indeed a goal. I’ve not forgotten about that project but have become a little sidetracked. Hoping to get back on it soon!

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Well, a polyphonic sampler should already be in the pipeline > http://wiki.orthogonaldevices.com/index.php/ER-301/Tracker#In_Progress

I also use a lot custom units with multiple sample players in the subchain, but they are mostly loaded with different samples, so in my case a polyphonic sampler would not help (i think).
Maybe one solution would be to add a “choose sample” item in the custom control menu of a custom unit, then make it possible to link a sample player to this “control”.

Here is an idea. You know how we have a replace command for units that lets you substitute one unit for another but keep the settings and sub-chains intact? Well, how about a replace command for samples which lets you substitute one sample for another while keeping all of the sample-to-unit assignments intact? The proper place for this sample replace command would be the Sample Pool.


I think that will do it.
@odevices just to clarify…when i replace the dummy files in the sample pool with my choosen samples, the dummy files will keep their names but are then actually the samples i chose… so when a i load the custom unit in another session the dummy files will play the audio of the previous samples i chose…right? :grimacing:

Any updates on the polyphonic sampler :slightly_smiling_face: ?

Great idea. I just suggested a “sample container” in another thread, but a replace sample command in the Sample Pool would be way more efficient and elegant – of course. :wink: