Quicksave bug / samples are not assigned upon recall

now that the ER-301 is up and running (thanks @odevices) i’ve had some time to play with it. this thing is out of this world! – so incredible.

anyways, i’ve noticed that there seems to be a bug in quicksaving. i’ve done the following:

  1. created a mixer with a sample player inside; assigned a sample to it
  2. named the mixer and saved a preset for it
  3. on the same track, i loaded up two more mixers with this preset (but assigned the samplers inside a different v/oct source)
  4. quicksaved the whole thing (track?)

upon reload, the two (last) samplers (cf 3.) were not assigned their sample anymore.

I guess you are running v0.1.6p15? This is a known issue with that version which has been fixed in v0.2.x.

great, thanks! i’ve updated the most recent version :slight_smile: