Quicksilver - Custom Source (Synth Voice)

hi there, Quicksilver is another full synth voice, following the path of my Less Thoughts unit, exploring the use of samplers\loopers as sound generators\modulators. This is a lot simpler and cheap cpu wise. It’s basically a preset generator based on sampling short loops of noise (it combines pink noise with velvet noise followed by a lowpass filter).
You shape the source with the digi and cutoff sliders then sample the noise sources with the rec button, you’ll notice that neither digi nor cutoff are realtime controls, they don’t work after the sampling is done. So you basically craft the sound with those two parameters, then take a snapshot with the rec button, then you have, as in Less Thoughts, common ADSR controls over the amplitude envelope.
no dependencies and cpu about 15%.
p.s.: if you keep the rec button engaged, you have realtime continuous control over the sound with digi and cutoff, but the results are pretty noisy and unpleasant so you are adviced not to do it but, well, who am i to tell you what to do :smiley:
here you go:
quicksilver.unit (24.6 KB)
as usual microdonations via paypal at hyena666@gmail.com are unnecessary but welcome if you really find my work useful and\or inspiring for your own knowledge and craftmanship. ciao!


here a quick test, modulating cutoff and digi and sequencing the rec button (hence some nasty clicks here and there…as the rec button shouldn’t really be sequenced :smiley: )
a bit of space added with magneto and big sky…