Rack advice?

Hi Folks! Ordered my 301 last week and I am real excited! Like most of you I am spending the anticipation time reading the forum and planning what I’m gonna do with the 301- the application that I am most excited for is I use a Sonicsmith converter to convert pitch from an electric violin to CV- so that possibility of controlling sample pitch is very exciting.

I’ve got a TipTop Mantis as my rack, and I like keeping everything in one rack, helps keep my brain organized- my rack is currently full, so I’m planning on what to take out to make room for the 301.

I defnitely wanna keep the 2X STO, at least 1 Peaks, I think I want to keep both Veils, Maths, and all the Rossum and Ears

I am on the fence about Braids (I think the 301 might be able to replace) and the Demora is obviously taking up a lot of space, tho I rather like it.

Kind of curious about what the community thinks!

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I think it’s cool the way it is as each unique configuration becomes our sonic fingerprints. The only possible suggestion I could have is to quadruple your rack size so you can get a lot more modules, but then again I have issues with owning more than I can learn in my remaining lifetime.

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I’d keep the demora as a desktop unit and take out one of the veils. Then the 301 should fit.

I would drop one of the Veils, one of the Peaks, the 2hp 3:1 and the Pittsburgh Mixer.

Actually, I just noticed that you have 2hp open, so you could keep the 3:1 if you wanted. :slight_smile: