Random unit


Is a random unit n the works by any chance? :slight_smile:

Already there with the noise generator and the sample and hold units :slight_smile:

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Oh ok I see thanks :slight_smile: how can we slew these CV ? Or is the only option to have them stepped?

Use the Envelope Follower unit, pretty sure Neil did a video on using it as a slew limiter :wink:

i did!

Alright thanks guys will check this out!

Sorry, which video shows this? Trying to find it. Thanks

I forget off hand… but try this:

Wherever you want this CV source:

White noise - sample and hold - envelope follower - quantizer

Within the sample and hold’s trigger chain, add a sin oscilattor and set it to a rate you like to create a slower changing cv.

Adjust the envelope follower controls to smooth out random transitions.

Use the quantizer if you want additional steps in this new cv waveform.

If you’re using or testing the latest os, You could have this available as a global chain.


I’m getting stuck with my S/H. It appears to be doing a rectification and nothing else.

im sending a gate and just looking for some stepped random or staircases… noise and sine waves

Are you on the latest firmware? Believe it had a bug in one or more of the 0.3 releases but is fixed now.