Random values for gate

i tried and failed to achieve this :
i would like to have a gate wich appears or not, i did it that way :
on track one only a pattern with only one step : duration 8 gate 1
then on er102 : i put the step in group 1, nothing plug into the er102.
group modidiers : low, x. then i click on the group mofifier button.
on the er 101 i choose rd 01 for the gate.
I assume that the gate will be 0 or 1 with 50% chances, but not. it’s only 1.
If i choose rd 6 for example i can have various random gate, but never 0.

I managed to obtain 0 for rd value on CVA and CVB.

i’m on 2.09.:

Edit : in fact i discovered something strange to me :
the rd and the jitter capabilities are not random at all.
try this : only one step playing always the same note:
on er102 put this step in group 1.
choose down x for the group modifiers.
then rd 12 for cvA.
You can hear a nice sequence playing in loop.
if you change for rd 13 you have another sequence.

perhaps the two things are related.

I’ve made a little video to explain my two problems :slight_smile:

Ok, my bad for the first problem, that’s the difference between non destructive rand and destructive rand, i thought it act the same, but not.
Destructive rand replace the value, non destructive rand add the value.

But there is still the problem of the short looping sequence.