Randomization of ratcheting on/off

It would be amazing to be able to randomize the ratcheting on/off per step function in the group modifier math section ? Perhaps it’s already possible :slightly_smiling_face: ?

It’s easy to do with er102 :slight_smile:
all you have to do is :
choose a value for the ratchet on the er 101, then on er 102 put the steps in a group, and for example on the cvx choose down and rd04 ( or another value ) for the gate parameter.

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Thanks for the tip Patatelemage :smiley: But this will randomise gate on/off, right - unless I misunderstood your suggestion ? I’m looking for randomisation of ratchet on/off only.

With the good settings you can achieve that, not for all the ratchets but for double ratchet for example it’s easy.
for example :
one step :
length 8
gate 2 ratchet on
rand 1
you will add 1 , 50% of the time then avoid the ratchet 50% of the time.

Got you. Will try it out in a minute. Thanks !