Raw Player not playing at the right pitch?

hello there! I’ve had my 301 for about a week and it’s been fantastic discovering all that it can do.

I have one question though. I’ve been working on a drum machine custom chain for myself, trying to make it nice and tidy. in the latest “version” I’ve replaced all the Variable Speed Player units with simple Raw Player ones. But now all my drums seem to be playing at the wrong pitch. I then tried loading longer samples into the Raw Player (like 5 minutes of a trumpet recording) and that, too, seems to be off pitch. Sometimes it’s higher pitched, sometimes it’s lower pitched, and sometimes it’s very slight, sometimes the pitch is almost halved!

I’ve read the wiki page on the Raw Player and didn’t find anything related to pitch. Any idea what’s happening here?


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That seems weird. Had you made adjustments to the Variable Player’s V/Oct or speed controls? If not, the Raw Player using the same sample should have the exact same pitch. If you had had set some bias on those controls or adjusted them via their subchains, then the pitches would be different.

This is intended behavior :wink: I’ve updated the wiki entry for the Raw Player with a description that should clear up the mystery.



oh great, thanks @odevices ! it makes sense that the player works this way.

speaking of strange behavior have you noticed that the encoder sometimes changes direction when entering text? I’m running 0.3.25.

I think you are referring to something that is also intended behavior. Vertical scrolling with a knob that is below the screen (as opposed to the side) is unfortunately ambiguous. So the ER-301 tries to “learn” which way you are expecting the scrolling to go. It’s a very simple algorithm which is only active at the very top or very bottom of the view’s scrolling range.

Huh. But isn’t the entire system doing CW:down and CCW:up? I havent noticed the inversion anywhere else than the text entry interface. And if I may: as ambiguous as vertical scrolling with a rotary encoder is, it’s even worse if that behavior changes from time to time in what seems like an arbitrary fashion. In my experience, it’s been extremely annoying and I have to watch out for that inversion to quickly adapt and scroll backwards. Kind of a mind bender and not great UX-wise.

Haha. I agree that is annoying but I’m surprised that it is “extremely” annoying. I’ll take another look since it has been awhile since I installed that behavior. I agree it shouldn’t keep flipping around erratically.

I am taking risks UX-wise here and there (and I would like to continue doing so). Hopefully, you can forgive me and roll with the punches a little while I find solutions that work for a number of different temperaments. :wink:

So this is a little confusing to me. Are you saying the direction reverses in the middle of your scrolling? It is my expectation that when you open the keyboard, you start at the top. So if you turn the knob in either direction, it will always go down and then it assigns that direction to correspond with down. The stickiness of the association only lasts until the next non-scrolling UI event. Is this not what you are seeing?

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What I meant is, since I didn’t understand the way your algo works (now I do), I had to look out for the inversion when I was doing some text entry - not as in the same text entry, but for example when I decide to go and rename a bunch of mixer units, it just seemed to change from one to the other. In just two weeks of 301 ownership I have become extremely fast at doing everything, including typing text. But it’s still a chore to do, so I try to be as fast as I can. So one of the things I probably do is start scrolling before the keyboard even appears. That explains the erratic behavior I’ve been getting.

I have no problem at all with your UX experiments, by all means you should keep exploring new ways of interacting with the device. The truth is, I think the 301 is a miracle in terms of UI/UX - both hardware and software. Everything just makes so much sense and is so easy to use - the learning curve was one of the easiest ever for me in a device of this complexity. And there are some pretty exotic choices thrown in there, which I think deserves much respect :slight_smile: If it was me, the 301 would be at the MoMA next to the OP-1!