Recall Saves during Performance

Hello fellow er301 wigglers!

As I’m getting deeper into the module and loving it even more, I’m beginning to think about what I can use in terms of live performance. My stuff is beat based, sitting in the techno strain of electronic music, so I use the er-301 for a few things (mainly playing samples, both loops and one shots) along with sometimes using the Voltage Bank and some OSC’s with some effects. I’ve read on here about quick saves and changing custom units during a performance. How does this work exactly? Can someone give me an example of how they move through various custom units/channel saves during a performance so I can get an idea of what is possible. I’m just wondering if it is fairly easy to change say Channel 1 from being 2 sample players to being a Voltage Bank with 3 OSC’s. Is changing samples really just about ensuring you have all your samples in the sample pool and then manually selecting the new samples to use (or would it be easier to save each custom sample into it’s own custom unit and load that as it would also load the clock setting for those loops to ensure they are in time with the performance)?

Just really looking for advice on what is possible and what folks are doing now. I did try searching the wiki but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks as always!

Any body have some insight into the recalling process for live sets? I do have some channel saves which I can use to pull up some combinations of devices that I’m frequently using - Sample players for different types if loops (drum, bass, music, vocal), Voltage Bank and some others that I have saved. I’ve found trying to switch samples in the sample players is not the greatest unless you pre-prepare your loops to be all of the same size so the clock settings don’t have to be changed - not ideal and if I don’t have to go into my sample library and cut loops to the same length, that would be even better.

The other way I’ve been thinking about doing it is to use 3 of the output channels as ‘live’ channels and use the 4th as one where I can load something up and get it ready to play. So here I can fade out/remove one channel and then bring this other channel in with the new preset. The channel that was faded out can then become the ‘queue’ channel and keep rotating through like this. Haven’t tried this in practice, but could be one approach.

Really just interested in hearing from those folks who play live now with the 301and how they manage to move through various custom devices/channel saves to get access to different functions/samples/whatever throughout a performance.

Thanks as always! And if I’ve missed some reading, please be sure to point that out. I’d be happy to be sent off to read something that could help shed light on this for me.


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usually i store only one quicksave per liveset, then mid-set i usually load up
1)entire chain presets (to change a whole drum set, or a whole bunch of different field recordings in various mixer channels)
2)single unit presets (example: chopped breakbeats, i just hit the mixer channel’s header and load a diff. preset to swap different flavours of chopped up breaks)


Thanks Hyena, appreciate the info. When you load unit presets for the chopped breaks, this allows you to have loops of different lengths that are already chopped up, so when loaded they are locked and loaded. I think this is right based on what I’ve seen, but figured I would ask anyway.

Slowly getting my head around this powerhouse!



I am very similar to Hyena. I have one Quicksave which loads a heap at once and then I’ll load a whole new chain or 2 if I have to.

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I too have a master quicksave I load at the beginning of a set but within that I have around 5-8 mixers with different parts I’m going to use during the gig but all disabled, then throughout the set I’ll enable & disable things as needed.

Couple of things to consider with this approach:

  1. There’s no way I could have all mixers enabled at the same time as too much stuff in each mixer (over several channels), generally I’d have two per channel enabled at anyone time
  2. When making the quick save you have to make mixer presets anyway, load each one in turn & then disable before loading the next.
  3. With this approach I still had to have two quick saves as the ER301 could handle all mixers even if they were all disabled on load up

I found the act of loading mixer presets during a gig took me out the moment so came up with the above so that all I’m doing is disabling one mixer and enabling the next one - I used to order these left to right which was also a nice visual aid of the content of the set and it’s progression.

Hope this helps


This makes me seem like such a mess - I do quicksave per song and then ensure I have a flow that allows me to silence the 301 in between ’songs’ for the time it takes to load a quicksave :smiley:

Maybe I ought to try condensing.

exactly, they might hiccup just a little when switching units from time to time,locking to clock etc…, i usually lower their fader on the mixer when switching but more often than not it’s not necessary

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Thanks all, this is really helpful/useful information.

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