Recommendations for compact offset modules?

A simple utility, but with so many to choose from thought I would see what everyone’s using with their 301?

At the moment I am using the two outputs of an Intellijel planar, three from a triatt and the two middle channels from a maths

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Erogenous tones levit8. Groan at the name.



I use Frap Tools 321, the middle channels of Maths and Intellijel Triatt.

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I’m also using the two middle channels of Maths alongside an Intellijel Quadratt- the Quatratt is literally perfect for the 301 if you have a 7u case!


MI Frames. Not necessarily compact, but the potential to introduce nonlinearities and control multiple offsets with one master knob can take you to places you weren’t expecting to go. Also, like others, Maths middle channels.

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Yes, currently also using Maths, but wanted some dedicated OS, have been looking at Triatt also. Thanks for responding

I’m using the Intellijel Triatts but the Fonitronik Cascade DIY from Thonk is very compact

fh-1 + whatever controller

No-one’s using the internal offset unit? :blush:


all the time! but a dedicated external offset module is key! (like what you do with the lightstrips :wink: )

It’s already been mentioned, but the Levit8 by Erogenous Tones is hard to beat. 8 channels of offsets or attenuation, or an 8 channel mixer or 2 x 4 channel mixers. All stuffed into 10hp! Almost makes up for the terrible name lol :sweat_smile:


WMD SPO is lovely in 4hp, two independent cv paths for scale, offset, polarity.

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CVP from Manhattan Analog was my choice.

Pullogic att/off here !

Thanks for all the recommendations everyone… much appreciated as ever.

Also the Doepfer A-183-2 is a great module for 4hp/40$ :wink: