Record and loop


I’ve been fiddling around the last couple of days trying to find a smooth way for me to get some piano melodies into my setup. What I’ve found to be the best solution so far is to use the feedback looper, record and then try to adjust the starting point to the correct position and then send a gate to the reset in the beginning of the sequence. But with this have I have 2 problems.

  1. I need to manually start/stop the looper every time I pause my sequence. I tried sending the gate to the engage but that turned it off every other time. I really want it to start when I start the sequence and stop when I stop the sequence like all my other sound sources. How do I solve this?

  2. I get a weird noise every time the gate triggers the reset. Does it leak through or does it have something to do with the starting point of the loop? Can’t really seem to figure it out.

Any ideas are appreciated. Maybe I should use another looper that would work better?


Edit the engage control so that its output mode is ‘gate’ instead of the default ‘toggle’.

Long press, select edit.
Change output to gate.
Press ENTER to commit the change.

It does sound like the Pedal Looper unit might be more appropriate.


Ahaaa wow! Will try this and give the pedal looper another try!

Thanks a lot!

I think i managed to solve it. But needed to create a really long gate for the engage gate :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!