Record Trigs on ER-301

Hey. Does anyone know if you can do record trigs for a sampler instrument on the er-301? For example, patching a gate sequence into an input and that trigger audio recording. Thanks. This is big when it comes to deciding to buy this.

There are various looper units that can take triggers in to start them and reset them. Pretty soon I’m going to make a pedal box with switches that output gates so I can trigger a looper with my hands on the keyboard.

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Yes, you can record and loop CV sequences in the ER-301. There are no CV outputs, though, so these sequences will only be usable within the ER-301. The exception is triggers: since a short trigger signal works at audio rate, you can output triggers from the ER-301.


Apologies for forking, but I stumbled onto this myself recently by plugging the outputs of the ER-301 into the trigger inputs of my Nord Drum 2. To my great surprise, not only did it trigger the inputs but if I scaled the amplitude of the trigger out from the ER-301 using a VCA unit the ND2 was able to read that as a change in velocity in the trigger. It’s similar to how the dynamic gate and dynamic VCA on the 0-Coast & 0-CTRL work.

In other words, I can use the ER-301 as a sequencer/trig-looper with velocity for the ND2. :exploding_head:


Sweet! I’ll have to try that…