Recorded folder location


I apologize as I know that this is an issue covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it with a search. If there is a thread, please feel free to link me to it and I can bookmark etc.

I have two recorded folders on my 301:

/Volumes/NO NAME/ER-301/v0.3/recorded
/Volumes/NO NAME/ER-301/recorded

Should one of these be blown away?
I’m running currently (plan on upgrading soon)

From v0.4 and onwards, the recorded folder has moved up a level to ER-301/recorded and will stay there.

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Thank you!

I have one more question about this:

I previously accessed files off and on (OS 0.3xxx) from the ER-301/v0.3/recorded folder. Now that I’ve upgraded, can I simply drag those files (*.slc and *.wav) into the ER-301/recorded folder and have v0.4 see them as valid references? Or is this part of the database? If so, is there a way for me to relink these references?

It should work to just move them. As far as I know there is no database. It just looks for a .slc file in the same folder as the .wav file.

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Thanks! Is there a good reason to bring them into the recorded folder instead of a sample library folder that I have created? I don’t plan on reinstating my presets; just starting from scratch and ditching prior work - but the files would be handy if I want to use them with a looper or whatnot (as a record of what I’d done last, or as a way to pick up a recorded buffer where it left off).

As far as I know, the only files that actually need to be in a specific location are bespoke units, which go in

/ER-301/libs/[library folder]

The rest of the folder structure that gets created is, so far as I can tell, mainly for your convenience and to help you get organized from the start. The ER-301 can read and write files (samples, slice files, unit and chain presets) from any directory on the card that you point it at. So there should be no problem at all moving your recorded samples and slice flies to another folder.

One thing we don’t know yet is how the folder structure might play out in the future. Pretty sure there are plans for a preset manager to be able to share things more easily. Don’t know if it would rely on a specific folder structure (I’m guessing not), or, (maybe more likely) putting things in non-standard locations might not be best practice when sharing a preset… :thinking: I have definitely moved samples that aren’t part of anything I’ll be sharing into folders other than recorded.

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I’m trying to develop a best practice of where I put my samples, so maybe this is a FR (if so, @odevices please take with grain of salt):

File paths could be relative, i.e., in v0.5+ if I load an old preset pertaining to a sample player from 0.4, the path might be stored as follows:

would store this path:

So, it wouldn’t matter what the firmware version is or what the name of my folder was, just that I accessed a folder in the “root” dir that had a relative path. If I’ve deleted the folder, ok no dice, but at least it tries (and maybe prompts if I can’t find the file?)

This assumes that the folder hierarchy will not change though, yeah.

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