Recording in Real-Time - why does it loop last pattern? ER101/102

I’m recording in realt-time filter sweeps and other automation into the ER101 - but when I punch out and complete the record it automatically loops the last pattern.

The event data im inputting spans longer than the 99steps of the first pattern, I want it to just loop all patterns. I can turn it off but I’d rather have it automatically start looping all patterns on punch out, and decide on a subsection of patterns later to loop

to be clear, realtime recording using the ER102

That’s the default workflow for the real-time recording at the moment. You record into a new pattern and that pattern is assigned to a part (focused or active). If the focused pattern is active then it will start looping.

In your case, you’ve recorded more steps than can fit in one pattern, so the default workflow is broken. I’ll see about handling this case more elegantly in the next firmware release, but in the meantime you can turn off the assign-to-part behavior in the CONFIG.INI by setting assign-part to none.

; Automatically assign newly recorded material to a part?
; active - assign to the active part
; focus - assign to the focused part (might not be active yet)
; none - do not assign to a part
assign-part = focus

Thanks Brian. Change to the Config has me cruising along and I appreciate the fast response.

Playing with it now and thinking about this. What if the first punch-in is assigned to part1 which is the current behavior right now with the change you just gave me for the Config file. But then when I punch out and punch back in again the new recordingt starts a new part in part 2?

Perhaps control to do one of the other via the config fle would be awesome.

I considered this a long time ago but it assumes that you don’t already have parts populated. So I went for letting the user just selecting the part to be assigned before punching out.

Would it be possible to have both? - just thinking out loud

this config file addition has me on my bike, thanks mate.

:thinking: British slang?

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Australian, one and the same. Same Queen :joy:

There are some updates in v2.22 that are relevant to this thread:

  • FIXED: Real-time recording > Only the last pattern recorded was being assigned to the target part.
  • ENHANCED: Real-time recording > Newly recorded part is now activated upon punching out. This behavior can be disabled in CONFIG.INI (activate-part).
  • ENHANCED: Real-time recording > The next part will be focused upon punching out. This behavior can be disabled in CONFIG.INI (focus-next).