Recording, looping and cue points

I’d like to familiarise myself with more sound computin business. I long for Christmas break so I can spend a few nights with all of Neil’s videos (and my Teletype). For daydreaming purposes what is the setup and process for having fun with looping an external euro osc as part of a performance? Which units and which supporting modules might do the job (have a grid, arc, ansible, TT, and sequencers but nothing like a pure latched gate module really).

Thank you!

Just got my er-301 recently and bought a monome walk for looping purposes. It works great for starting, stopping, punching in etc. with my feet. Was worth 4hp for me definitely.


i use es fh-1 with a usb dual footswitch (i begged OS from expert sleepers to update the firmware of the fh-1 to support it , which he did :smiley: )
really great for playing instruments with my hands and looping with feet :slight_smile:

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What are som example signal chains? Which units should I look closer at? Thank you! :hatched_chick: