Recording loops and copying the audio to a grain stretch?

I’m trying to figure out how to record audio directly into the er-301 and then take the audio and put it in another unit like a grain stretch. Is it something to do with the buffer? Haven’t quite been able to figure it out! I’m getting audio in, and I can record with the 6-track recorder and save files, but I’d prefer to use the looper unit and then save/move the looped audio.

You’re on the right track. The buffer will provide a space for the looper to record incoming signal.

Which looper? For the Pedal Looper, just place your incoming audio in front of it (e.g. IN 1). Adjust the max length in the header menu if necessary. Record. When you’re finished recording you can go back into the unit header menu and select to copy xx seconds of audio to New Buffer. That will create a new buffer in RAM. You can use that buffer directly in one of the player units.

If you want to save that buffer so that it persists a power cycle, go into the admin area (rocker switch), go into Sample Pool and select that buffer. You’ll see a Save As option to save to SD.


Amazing, thank you! That makes sense. Can I save buffers as permanent samples?

Sure, once you save it as per above, that’s essentially what it becomes.

It will save as a wav file.

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That was really helpful, cheers!

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