Recording with ER-102


I would like to record sequence from other sequencer (for example Stillson Hammer), for saving it in my ER-101, but when I record, it’s not give me the same sequence.
I record in real time mode.
Is ist normal ? or something messing for having the same sequence.

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Hello! There are requirements that must be met between how fast your sequence changes and how fast your clock is pulsing. May I confirm that you have read p.18 of the ER-102 manual?

Yes I have read p.18 of the manual.
I take the same clock as my sequencer.
It don’t play what I heard when the er102 is recording…

Do you have a specific example that we can talk about?

Yes, here in the rec 1 the melody what I want recording, and the rec 2 is what is recorded…

In order to make sense of that, I will also need to know the clock and how you patched the ER-101/ER-102.

It’s a clock from my doepfer A 190-4 divised by 6, clock per note 16, note length 1/16.
I patched the ER-101 for example track 1 CVA to pitch of PHmk3 and gate to my envelope and ER-102 A1cvA from cv out of my sequencer Stillson Hammer mk2 and AD-1(gate) from gate out of my sequencer, in real time mode.

Could you please clarify this? For example,what do you expect your step durations to be when you record the melody you submitted above?

By the way, isn’t the sequence in your first recording off grid (as implied by the clock)? It doesn’t line up to any grid that I can see. Here are the durations between each note onset in your recording in samples:

41k, 12k, 12k, 29k, repeats …

Sorry, I was not clear.
Here a screen shot of my clock.
By the way the sequence if off grid because I have not adjust the sequence on the grid but we can heard the difference between both melody.

Clock .pdf (110.2 KB)

However, the ER-102 can only record sequences that are on the grid as implied by the clock.

Hey that’s it ! Yes ! :+1:
Thanks you a lot for your precious help. I was totally confused. I missed to set the grid :grimacing: and took a too much slow clock for the Er101.
Thanks again and have a nice day :blush:

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Good job! You figured it out :wink: