Recreate Mooger Fooger Murf?

Hi Everyone,

Brand new to the forum and my first post so Hi! very new to the ER 301 also.
I wanted to ask how difficult or possible it would be to create an effect unit similar to a mooger fooger pedal like the Murf.
Thought it might be a good way of getting started but maybe a bit too ambitious?


@hyena maybe you can answer us :slight_smile:

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The MOOG MidiMurf have 8 filters act as resonant filters with center
frequencies of 200, 300, 450, 675, 1000, 1500, 2200, and 3400 Hz. to this must be added the possibility of scanning all the filters in sequencer mode.

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I can imagine that the sequencer integration is the tricky part, or maybe not…Does the 301 have sequencer capabilities or would you need to generate triggers via LFO’s?
Setting up the resonant bands would be quite straight forward wouldn’t you say?

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hey! totally possible! only thing is: as of now there is no band pass filter on the normal units, but @Joe made one in his Accents middle layer bespoke units library.
so you have to install Accents then make a custom unit with 8 band pass filters (each one centered on the frequencies you mentioned) then you can build a sequencer for them with counter and bump scanners i think. i’m a bit busy these days, but i will try to put something together asap, if no one does it before. thanks for the stimulus! :slight_smile:

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you have all the parts you need to build sequencers with the embedded units, if you add Accents you have other powerful tools to build them!


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Will have to have a suss of the Mooger Fooger Murf. Have heard of it but never actually heard it. Going by what hyena mentioned, I think the main bit I’d have to check out is the sequencer element.

*wanders off to youtube to search.


excellent example of animation on a simple waveform

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Definitely a good example. Sounds great when they sweep the filter from the synth through the MF. It seems like the midi version has some extra features. If I actually get round to building something like this for the ER-301, those extra features can be in version 2. :wink:

i think even just taking this pedal as an inspiration to build something uniquely different could be cool. Reminds me of a simpler version of the Spectral Multi-band Resonator by 4MS which I really enjoy.


At the moment I only know two pedal remodels both downloadable as a Reaktor ensemble :smile:
It could be a good source of inspiration.

  1. MuRF GLP Series
  2. Murf Waves This most deprecated

It would be really useful to have CU for 301. It is a device with a great dynamic useful for animating the simplest things :blush:

@rdomain ~ @hyena
There are two uses of midimurf with a crossover of the frequency range of the resonant filters.

The first type is the same as in the moogerfooger MF-101 lowpass filter, as well as the lowest filter in the MIDI MuRF’s BASS voicing; the second type is in the top 7 bands of the MIDI MuRF’s BASS voicing and all 8 bands of the MIDS voicing

Yes I sussed out the 2 versions. If it was going to happen (because someone seems keen. :wink: ) I’d just attempt to recreate the original and then implement the added features later. I started attempting to recreate and got sidetracked by applying various modulation to the filters. Hehe. I have to research the sequencer side more so my main knowledge is in synthesis/sound design. @hyena is happening on the sequencer knowledge by the sounds of it. :+1:

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eheheheh I’ve become almost a nightmare :smiley:
In fact I would like to understand something more about counters and bump scanners. I would have tried to do something very rudimentary but unfortunately I still don’t have much mastery. However MIDI MURF has always been a stompbox desired by many producers though now its cost has skyrocketed.

Thanks for the consideration :heart:

Haha… all good. I like the inspiration to build things as I find it’s a great way to learn which is why I’ll chip away at this when I can and hopefully learn how to use bump scanners more. So many projects on the go currently so no promises. :slight_smile:

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@rdomain I think the sequencer is the only thing a little more difficult to implement…

Agreed. Also actually knowing what the various sequencers are that are built into the pedal. Some similar could be simulated though without it being identical I’m sure.

Here is the software you can use to edit the onboard patterns

Wish I had more know how to implement this

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I heard y’all talking about trying to learn bump scanners, so I threw this together real quick to help! It’s just an 8 step sequencer using bump scanners all controlling vcas in 8 mixers.

It’s very close to a murf from what I can tell, just missing those band pass filters :stuck_out_tongue: May be able to use it as a base for inspiration. used-sock.unit (57.5 KB)