Recreating confundo Funkitis

Hi all!
I’m new to this module and I’m still getting my head around things. So I thought I’d ask for some hints and ideas on recreating the Noise Engineering Confundo Funkitis.
I’m primarily using the er301 on drum duties and I’d love the functionality of the confundo permanently on the drum sampler channel.

How would you go about recreating this?

Thanks in advance!

can you please explain what this module does, what you try to accomplish? thanks.

Confundo Funkitus is a probabilistic gate which swaps between two gate inputs. You’ll want to start by mixing your gates together with a VCA after each. One VCA should be biased open with negative gain, the other should be biased shut with positive gain. Feed them the same gate CV and you’ll open one and close the other simultaneously. My preferred probability generator is scaled/offset white noise into a S&H then, in this case, comparator to make gate CV for the VCAs. The white noise should be offset by your probability input.

I just patched up a crude, single-channel Confundo Funkitus custom unit in about 30 minutes. Fun little exercise! I’ll post it later if you’d like.

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Great stuff! Thanks for the tips.
And yeah, if you get a chance to post it, I’d love to have a look

ConFunk0.1.unit (12.5 KB)
Here ya go! Main input is primary gate signal, Alt input for secondary gate signal. Fade=0 gives 100% primary gates, Fade=1 gives 100% secondary gates. It evaluates the probability every time it receives a gate so a faster gate stream on one of the inputs will typically happen more often, even with Fade=0.5.