Recreating the Verbos Harmonic Osc?

Hey all

The description goes as follows: “this oscillator module provides outputs for the first 8 harmonics as sine waves”. (verboselectronics)

Given the building block the er-301 provides would it be possible to recreate it?

I’d be up for the challenge but I’m waiting in line to get my 301. :smiley:

With a custom unit,

You could have 8 discreet oscillators tuned to the harmonic series with vcas on each to adjust the levels, with a single control 1v/o source.

Brainstormig - maybe a control incorporating some sorta switching system a la @Joe to create phase offset - that could adjust the vcas levels between all of the 8 voices (or perhaps pan!).

Tons of ideas are swirling :slight_smile:

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Well - it’s just the basics, but check out video #29! :slight_smile:


Another awsome unit Neil. Thanks for sharing.

Legendary, What does the wave shape looks like on a scope? I remember it had a pronounced dip in the middle. With this sequential switch unit you almost have the HO scan feature working! Great work!