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Reels | Custom Unit




Reels is based on a feedback looper and four manual loopers all sharing the same audio buffer.
The different speeds of the players are calculated by the incoming gates.
This way you can create harmonic relationships or if you wish the complete opposite. The move parameter puts automation to the levels and panning controls, there is a ratio of about 1:4 between volume and panning, increasing Move adds level to the modulation oscillators and increases their frequencies. ( I’m still trying to figure out the math of the custom unit controls and the parameters to which they relate ) :slight_smile: so it’s kinda beta


  • Rec —> record into the main buffer (punch)
  • Fb —> Feedback level of the feedback looper
  • Move —> Add motion to volume and panning
  • V freq —> contains the volume modulation sine
  • P freq —> contains the panning modulation sine
  • Sp R1 / R4 —> set your gates here to control the speed of the four loopers
  • V1 / V4 —> Volume levels ( controlled by Move )
  • P1 / P4 —> Panning levels ( controlled by Move )

I’ve added a recording to give you an idea, in the example I’m sending a sequence into Reels.
Gates from a PNW are setting the speeds. I’m fiddling with some filters and the feedback amount. Some reverb for taste.

Reels.lua (54.4 KB)


This is a similar idea to what I’m currently working on. But also different so I’m really looking forward to trying this out.
It sounds awesome!


Cool! I’m curious 'bout what you’re building :slight_smile:


Similar setup of units but a different approach. Main thing I’m struggling with is setting custom unit controls. Once I figure that out I’ll post it!


Going to try this out today! Sounds awesome in your demo :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing


Demo sounds really nice. Thanks for sharing!

I will download a bit later. So do you just put an audio signal into the front (er, uh, left) of Reels and punch in with the Rec control?


Thanks Joe, default input is IN 1, you can change it inside the unit. Open it and set it in the Buffer mixer, this contains the feedback looper. Thanks for asking, as I didn’t mention this


great! lovely BoC-sorta feel on the demo. trying out now! thanks


Getting started with ER 301 this week and this is just what I was hoping for. Really exciting! Thanks


Thanks for sharing, I’ll load that up tonight! :slight_smile: Sounds really nice btw


Oh yes. Well done. It’s like Magneto’s Shift mode.


I had so much fun playing with this last night! Thank you so much for posting!


brilliant unit, thanks! i’m playing with it a lot.

because of it i also discovered that feedback looper autocreates buffers in the sample pool if they’re missing. i have for some reason been thinking that it needs to be done manually.


I think that’s a relatively recent addition, in the past there was the need for manual creation.


Thanks for sharing another great custom unit @Julian_Edwardes looking forward to taking it for a run.


cannot wait to try this! Thanks for sharing :ok_hand:


Completely new to this stuff and waiting for my er-301 to ship in a couple weeks but so excited to hear about this unit and join this community.


Great unit, thanks for sharing! My only issue is that Fb doesn’t seem to have an effect … I’m assuming it should control the degree to which the loop fades out? My loops just keep going continuously regardless of Fb level. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Fb controls the layering amount of the buffer during recording.(sound on sound) Drop fb, punch in and your loop will fade away


Thanks, that makes sense!