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Hi all!
I can’t seem to get Reels to show up in the menu of Units. I have it saved to the SD card @ ER-301/libs/Reels.lua I’m running v0.4.08 I also have Joe’s Bespoke units installed in the same place and they work perfectly. I am very new to the 301 so I may be completely misunderstanding how to use this. Any help would be appreciated.


You should load a custom unit and run it as a preset of that unit. Bespoke units are another thing. (If it works at all in 0.4, that is).


Thanks Phonk. I just tried that but it still doesn’t show up. I loaded in the stable v3 firmware but still no luck. Appreciate the reply though


I’ve just tried to check this in firmware 0.4.06 after renaming the file with extension .unit but it is not recognised by the ER-301. Am I missing something regarding custom unit nomenclature in the 0.4x firmware? (i mean i understand if it does not work in the new firmware but it should be recognised by the file system, no?)

Don't Know how to Loading custom units

I’m planning to rebuild the unit for the new firmware


Great news @Julian_Edwardes


What firmware version does this work with ? Some people get it to work, others cant, but no mention of which version firmware is needed…

Thanks for sharing your work though !


It was built in 03.25 if I recall correctly. The unit will be rebuilt for v 04.11


When you rebuild do you see any way of adding an ADSR to smooth out the pop’s? I am trying to wrap my head around that idea, I don’t know how you’d do it but it would be awesome.