Referencing sub-chain outputs in other contexts


I’m new to the forum (and the 301) so I hope I’ve formatted this question correctly and it’s in the right board. Please delete/correct if not.

Is it possible to reference the output of a sub-chain in another context?

In this video Getting Started with the ER-301 #10 - Using a master internal CV source - YouTube
Neil Parfitt creates a clock signal on channel 4 and then uses the internal routing options to reference channel 4’s output in a different channel.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do the same thing with sub-chain outputs rather than channel outputs.

For example, if in the process of creating a synth voice on channel 4, I ended up with an ornate sub-chain for generating pitch CV, could I reference the same pitch CV in another channel? To avoid redundancies, I’d like to do this without copy/pasting the entire sub-chain. I figure referencing outputs would really help me with parallel processing.

Thank you! Apologies if this wasn’t clearly articulated.

no, this is not possible. the only things that are inter-chain are
-chain outputs
-all jack inputs
-global chains

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And this is where you should build chains that you want to access from anywhere.


Got it! I commented on Neil’s video and he mentioned it was recorded before Global Chains were implemented.

Thank you!

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