Replacement Panels

Hi there. Due to the unavailability of the devices new I opted to buy the 301, 101 and 102 in the preowned market. Luckily I found all the devices, unfortunately with different panels. The 301 is Nostalgia and the 101/102 are in People’s Choice. I don’t like the PC flavor, so if available I’d like to purchase the Nostalgia panels for my 101/102. Any chance to purchase it new old stock from OD or maybe aftermarket? Thanks!

Similar case here… have a 301 PC panel, would love to purchase a Nostalgia.

Maybe we can exchange the front panels. I’ll give you the 301 Nostalgia and you’ll give me the PC so at least we’ll have the three modules with the same flavor. :wink:

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Would totally be up for that, but the panel that came with my module has a bit of rash. :sweat:

I can think about it, maybe send me some pictures here to evaluate the panel condition. My Nostalgia is like new.

Sure. I’d be happy to tack on a little cash to even things out.

I think about it and I let you know ASAP

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I found the black faceplates for everything, 301 and 101+102 together. I’ll let you know if I wanna sell the Nostalgia faceplate once I’ve unmounted it.

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ich have the original one nd would love to change it with PC because then its would fir perfect to my just friends :slight_smile:

Do you have Nostalgia for the ER-301?

the grey one

would you mind sharing the source of the black faceplates? I need 101&102. Thanks

Hi, I found the last one here in Italy, from a user that made it but sadly now discontinued the production, so I purchase the last two, one for my 101+102 and I sold the other one.