Request: Ability To Preview Audio Files Without Cutting Off Audio That Is Playing

I like to use the 301 as a way of sequencing my drum patterns. The way that I do this is detailed in this tutorial: How to build a simple drum rack - O|D Wiki.

Something I’ve noticed is after I have chosen my first drum sample, and I have created a pattern for that first sample, when I go back to select my second drum sample, if I press the preview button to hear the sample I’m about to choose, the audio from my initial sample that is currently playing, is cutoff.

For example, I choose a kick drum sample. I sequence the kick drum, and it is now playing a basic four on the floor. Now I go back to choose my snare. I want to preview the different snares to see which one pairs best with the kick I’ve chosen, but when I press the preview button to hear the snare, the audio from the kick drum stops. This makes it difficult to select the appropriate samples to use together in my drum rack. Would it be possible to make it so samples can play simultaneously when using the preview function?