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Request: bitrate/sample rate options


i know quantizers emulate this, but would it be possible @odevices to have sample rate/bitrate options on sample recorders/players? i love old samplers. the grandpa sounds neat cuz it sounds like shit. the old dr. sample, my sp1200, mpc60, and emu emax.
but it would be really fun to have it in the 301. so it’s my request! thanks.


I second this. I’d love to have a little extra character in the sample players.


I agree This would be excellent.


when i GAS about ciat-londbarde stuff, i go to the er301 quite often to create what i wish i had. if sample rate/bit rate stuff were an option, i could very easily stop wanting a cocoquantus… hahaha.

but isn’t the 301 just the best? yes it is.


for this effect i recommend two things:

  1. change sample playback aliasing to none

  2. add a sample and hold after the sample player and ping it with an oscillator at 32khz.

you should get some nice crunch.

recording your sample fast and then pitching it down helps a lot, too.


I believe @shellfritsch has it exactly right. Options for sample rate reduction and bit rate reduction are not really necessary because you have quantizers and sample-and-hold units for this purpose. If sampling down to 12kHz is something that you often do then just place that LPF > S&H chain into a custom unit and you will never have to build it again.