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Request: European/Worldwide dealers to prevent unnecessary import tax


I guess you decide who pays income tax now and have decided the richest man in the world doesn’t have to pay any. Seems logical.

This wasn’t a political thread. It was a thread about having a dealer or two to lower unnecessary taxes for worldwide customers.


You are pushing into childish territory. You are confusing the individual Jeff Bezos with the company Amazon. Where do you get your information that Jeff Bezos doesn’t pay personal income tax? Corporate taxes are a different beast. Grow up and please stop this nonsense.


This wasn’t a political thread. It was a thread about having a dealer or two to lower unnecessary taxes for worldwide customers.

You made it political and are now complaining about it being political.


I think your best option is to ask a local friend that has company if he could expend it and return the VAT to you. The safest bet.


Again, as others have pointed out…taxes are necessary, but your lack of disposable income is a personal problem that you foisted on the shoulders of both Brian and this forum with such an inane inquiry.


Hmmm… if only there was this much energy in some new posts about the gear :wink:

Let it go and make some music instead perhaps? :smiley:


Usually when I see updates here they are of a character that benefits me in some fantastic way. I would like to continue seeing threads appear that draw me in and illuminate my knowledge, not ones that take away from it. Brian and others had already adequately and politely answered this by the 23rd post, we are now at double that just we could continue to read one persons lament and whine.


Pretty sure this would get your friends company in hot water if they were audited


Paying import fees/taxes are part of the cost of buying products worldwide or domestic… music gear or anything else. It’s pretty much unavoidable other than putting the seller in a position of lying on their paperwork.

All countries are different, but I know if I lied and got caught with Canadian Gov they can indefinetly seize my stuff and the originating selling can be flagged for future parcels. Why would I put someone in that position?

Death and Taxes are the constant of the universe right?


I have a feeling the cost of the module would GO UP another $130 as O|D would have pay the costs of registering another company and paying the additional corporate fees for accounting and legal… all in the name of fraud… haha…

Next step… better setup an offshore account in the Cayman islands and a swiss bank account too! :smiley:

Ooh… and hired goons!!



It’s not true that most Asian countries have only “profit tax". I pay a huge amount of tax and VAT on my imports here in the Philippines, and many other Asian countries have high import taxes and VAT.

I just deal with it. I figure if if I can afford an ER-301 I can afford the tax.


Hey guys new user here! Super exited and a little concerned :smiley:
So… bottom line how much more should I expect to fork out when it arrives in the UK?


25% of total amount, more or less.