Reset 6-track recorder setup

i can’t figure out how to erase previously assigned tracks from the recorder,
or to reset the whole recorder to a blank state?

I’ve noticed this too & thought I was probably just missing something! might still be missing something… I am not the most skilled at ER-301 just yet.

quick workaround: save an empty preset for the 6-track. that way you can always start from scratch if you need to.

Have you tried Zero (shift + home) to reset? Worked for me.

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thanks joe, of course it works, i didn’t press shift+home, i just pushed the home button…!

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totally forgot that was a thing when I made my reply. question then: is it possible to just zero one recorder slot or do you have to zero them all at once?

Not that I can find, though having a baseline preset like you suggested is a good way to reset back to a starting point.

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Looks like track unassign function has been lost during some past update. I’ll add it back in.