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Rev7 I2C mod?


Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere already, but is it possible to mod er301 rev.7 hardware to connect I2C ? I was thinking i would try out transit I2C to midi but then realized i dont have the I2C header on my rev.7 board.

According to the picture here:


Is it as simple as extending the 3 solder spots pins right there (right across from the I2C header on the rev.10 board) to be a header ?

I hope my words make sense…
Any more detailed info on the subject would be great.



The pins you are looking for on the Olimex board on the back side.

Look here for instructions: http://wiki.orthogonaldevices.com/index.php/ER-301/Teletype_Connection_Rev7

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I thought i saw that somewhere before.I should have looked deeper into the wiki again before posting.
I just don’t know anything about teletype or I2C quite yet. Thanks Unity2k !

It’s good to know it’s possible !



I just completed the Rev7 mod a few days ago before squeezing my ER-301 and a Teletype into a 4ms Pod60. Totally worth it!



how hard was it? I have limited to no soldering skills, so am very hesitant…



I think the only tricky bit was holding the little piece of wire in place while soldering. In retrospect I probably could have clipped it with an alligator clip or something, but I ended up holding it in my left hand with some needle nose pliers while soldering a leg at a time with the right.

As far as soldering, it should be one of the easiest projects. Just two points to solder.

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