Rev7 I2C mod?

Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere already, but is it possible to mod er301 rev.7 hardware to connect I2C ? I was thinking i would try out transit I2C to midi but then realized i dont have the I2C header on my rev.7 board.

According to the picture here:

Is it as simple as extending the 3 solder spots pins right there (right across from the I2C header on the rev.10 board) to be a header ?

I hope my words make sense…
Any more detailed info on the subject would be great.

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The pins you are looking for on the Olimex board on the back side.

Look here for instructions:

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I thought i saw that somewhere before.I should have looked deeper into the wiki again before posting.
I just don’t know anything about teletype or I2C quite yet. Thanks Unity2k !

It’s good to know it’s possible !

I just completed the Rev7 mod a few days ago before squeezing my ER-301 and a Teletype into a 4ms Pod60. Totally worth it!


how hard was it? I have limited to no soldering skills, so am very hesitant…

I think the only tricky bit was holding the little piece of wire in place while soldering. In retrospect I probably could have clipped it with an alligator clip or something, but I ended up holding it in my left hand with some needle nose pliers while soldering a leg at a time with the right.

As far as soldering, it should be one of the easiest projects. Just two points to solder.

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I’m gonna do the same thing. So you just solder it to the solder joints on the sides and it’s done? What did you connect? :slight_smile: