Reverbs for the ER301


I already have in my setup an ERBE-VERB reverb module and a RAINMAKER. Both of them offer great processing options for sound design and I’m quite happy with the results. I usually use my violin or my own field recordings as my main sound sources to create abstract or “concrete music”.

Recently the physical spring reverb tanks have captured my attention, but I don’t know if the sounds from the ERBE-VERB and, lets say, a SPRINGRAY 2 are going to be too similar. Does someone have the ERBE-VERB and other spring reverb tanks in your case? Do you think it’s worth to have both of them? Should I better choose the TIP TOP Z-DSP?

I don’t have an Erbe-Verb specifically, but I find that it’s very useful to have a variety of reverb choices available. I mostly use VST plugins for reverb, though.

Springs sound very different from other types of reverb. They have a distinctive character that doesn’t necessarily work for all kinds of material, but can be excellent for feedback loops and other experimental uses. I wouldn’t worry about them sounding too similar to Erbe-Verb.

I had a Koma Field Kit FX with a pair of spring tanks for several months before deciding that the u-he Twangstrom VST plugin and Chase Bliss Dark World pedal covered spring reverbs well enough for my purposes.

I am a passionate advocate for synths and spring reverbs. I paired my 301 with one for a long time (until I sold 90% of my system) and used it all the time. As @Starthief said, springs do have a significantly different character than other reverbs but it’s a character I wholly enjoy. Makes anything sound more “vintage synth laboratory science fiction” in a way. The way a spring tank “pings” is really pleasing to my ears.

Anyway I say go spring! Especially if you already have an erbe verb and want something different. Very little crossover there.

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I’m in the variety camp: Erbe-Verb, Z-DSP; Rainmaker; Magneto; RT-1701 EFFEXX.

The RT-1701 EFFEXX is a multi FX processor that offers morphing snapshots. It seems to be under the radar. So here’s a screenshot.

I’ve really enjoyed the Music Thing Spring. You can adjust an interenal trimpot to drive the spring harder with great effect. Spring reverb by nature sounds very physical and not as otherworldly as the Erbe verb. I think it is a nice contrast

I have been using an OTO BAM with my 301 mini system and it sounds wonderful!


I have a bunch of verbs in my system:

-Z-DSP / Valhalla
-Metasonix Tube Spring Verb
-RT-60 (has verb)

my fav out of the lot is the Z-DSP as it sounds great with just about everything - especially acoustic elements.

The only thing better is my non euro Eventide H8000.

The others are interesting, but either gnarly, too weird or too lo-fi. Depends on what you need of course.

The interesting thing abotu the ZDSP is you can feed a square into the clock input. It’ll dictate the sample rate! So you can literally bring the computer to the brink of death and most of the time recover. It’s really cool hearing the ADC/DACs fall apart!


Thank you guys for the info. I’ve ordered a Teletype module, so my next purchase will be a spring reverb. I’ve used external reverb pedals but I would like now to have all my gear in eurorack format inside one case, so the OTO is out of the equation.

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Yes… The Erbe has some kind of lo-fi sound … When I first heard I didn’t like that much. Then I felt in love with the soundtrack for the film “Suspiria” by Thom Yorke and discovered that almost all the reverb and feedback effects came from the Erbe, so I bought it … :grin:

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The amazing thing about the Erbe-Verb is that all parameters can be controlled with CV, so one can get some really crazy stuff, impossible “space” effects that change in a matter of seconds. I believe it was created with that type of experimentation in mind, rather than as a pleasing high-quality reverb for a final effect —though I’m also guilty of underusing it that way most of the time. :grin: