Reversed drums in variable speed player

Hi guys,

I’m trying to do some kind of reverse fx on some hits while playing on kicks/snares/stuff, so I’m trigging speed in inverted modulated position and as far I see the reel going backwards it cuts the sound the major part of times, only while triggering as soon the drum is launched seems to do something :thinking:

also I’ve noticed that playing a sample in -1x wih a keyboard the reel doesn’t move, there is something I think I’m not getting at all about this workflow, any tips?

Perhaps you have the slice located at the beginning of the buffer selected? There will be nothing to play in reverse in this case. (I’m assuming you are in slice mode.)

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This was something I came across recently too - is there any chance we could have the buffer wrap, so that if we play in reverse on a slice at the beginning of a buffer, it plays from the end of the buffer until the last slice?

I don’t know about others, but I find the current behaviour a little hard to work with, as the only way to play the final slice in reverse is to have a slice at the end of the buffer, which if selected when playing forwards also results in silence.


That’s it! I was playing the first slice of a chain, I didn’t try the others, will check it when I’m at home :slight_smile:

Otherwise as is suggesting @ganders could this be implemented in a future? That would be cool