Rhythm of life

@warpigs330 and I have been talking about the FSS Recombinator. FSS hold Jimi Tenor as a professional endorsement. Jimi Tenor collaborated with Tony Allen a few years back on a project, by chance, two ships that met in the night.

Sadly, today it was announced that Tony, an accomplished drummer, had suddenly passed away.

Rhythm is at the heart of everything, expression is your heart and soul be it in life, love or music. The cadence of time and space can be captured emotionally with poetry, colour and craft.

Darker side of night is a record the collaborative duo made a while back and for me the mood within the piece reflects where I find myself so often when digging and diving into my 301.

Please enjoy this track
next time you raise ya glass to your mouth
like the youthful flick of a flame
let Tony pass through your brain


Loved his groove. So damn fine.

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